eMTB Rental

For the singletrack and bridleways of the South Downs, we feature the Kinesis Rise Pro eMTB. Not only are Kinesis a British company, because they are Sussex based, they know exactly how to design a bike that is perfectly suited to our local conditions.

Rental rates:

£65 full day / £45 half day (9am-1pm / 2-6pm) at Queen Elizabeth Country Park (Easter to October half term).

Contact us for pricing including delivery at other times and places.

We have selected the Kinesis Rise Pro as our core eMTB (electric mountain bike) rental model. Designed as an ebike from the ground up (i.e. not a traditional model with an added motor), the Rise Pro was conceived specifically for the kind of riding found in abundance in the South Downs. The Rise Pro is a hardtail 29er which is light, with perfectly balanced geometry to make it both agile and stable. 

Don't just take our word for it though - IMB Magazine said:

“Without a doubt the best e-hardtail I have ever ridden. A beautifully executed motor system paired with some well thought out geometry and speccing make for a brilliant riding experience.”

Read more about the key features of the Kinesis Rise Pro below...

Fazua Evation Motor & Battery

The German engineered Fazua system delivers the smoothest electrical assistance on the market for a natural pedalling feeling aimed at bike riders not passengers. The electrical assistance is progressive so that it feels like pedalling but much easier. At 15.5 mph (the legal limit for electric assistance), the motor completely disengages so that pedalling above this speed doesn't feel "draggy" as it can with other systems.
Depending on how much electrical assistance you want you can toggle between Breeze, River and Rocket modes.


Balanced Geometry

We could get all technical and talk about head angles, fork offset, seat tube length and reach numbers. All you really need to know is that this frame has been designed by people that know the local trails to be comfortable, agile and stable to make it a blast to ride for hours


X-Fusion Manic Dropper Post

If you have never ridden with a dropper post, you are in for a treat. the X-Fusion Manic means you can easily adjust your saddle height in milliseconds mid-ride, lowering it for steeper descents and popping it back up as the trail flattens out or starts to climb.



As you would expect, the Rise Pro is kitted out with top quality componentry - Shimano SLX disc brakes provide powerful stopping even in mud and rain, the Rockshox 35 Gold suspension fork's 130mm of travel will keep you in control however fast you want to descend. Maxxis tubeless tyres offer grip and puncture resistance and the drivetrain is Shimano's highly rated SLX 12 speed version.