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eMTB Rental

- Summer Rates at Queen Elizabeth Country Park -

Rental rates:

Half days 9.30-12.30 / 12.30 - 15.30; full days from 9.30-15.30

Hard-tail eMTBs: £49 half day / £69 full day

Full-sus eMTBs: £75 half day / £99 full day

Kids eMTBs (24"): £30 half day / £40 full day

Contact us for pricing including delivery at other times and places.

For the singletrack and bridleways of the South Downs, we offer hard-tail and full-suspension electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) from two great British bike brands.

All our eMTBs have everything you would expect - 'slack' geometry, 29" or 27.5" wheels, dropper posts, 1x chainrings, four pot brakes and they run tubeless.

Whyte e-bikes are Bosch-equipped, giving unequalled reliability and power, while the Fazua system on the Kinesis Rise Pro offers more subtle assistance for those wanting a slightly lighter bike and a more natural riding feel.

Whyte e504 and e505 Hardtail 

Whyte e160 and e150 Full Suspension

Whyte's hardtail eMTB is an incredibly capable machine, well-suited to South Downs riding. The e505 (M, L and XL frames) is a 29er while the e504 (S and XS) runs 27.5" wheels. All models have the Bosch Performance CX motor with a 500w battery. 

The RockShox 35 Silver fork offers 120mm of suspension and the combination of this, dropper post, slack geometry and powerful four-pot brakes enable it to tackle anything you will find without ever finding the limits of the bike.

an image of a Whyte E150 Electric mountain bike

Kinesis Rise Pro

Whyte e506

Kinesis are a brand for cycling afficionados and are well-known for their alloy frames in the gravel and bike-packing worlds. Their eMTB frame rides beautifully with supernatural feeling assistance from the lightweight Fazua Ride 50 system. 

The bike is really well-finished with a RockShox 35 Gold fork, Manic Fusion-X dropper post and Shimano SLX brakes and drivetrain. 


Whyte has great pedigree in enduro bikes thanks to its focus on perfect geometry and lowering the centre of gravity and the e160 and its predecessor, the e150 have been highly rated in reviews.

The e150 has a 625w battery while the e160 has a massive 750w. 

Suspension is covered by RockShox (ZEB29 on the front, Deluxe Select R on the rear), while braking and shifting is taken care of by SRAM.

This is the SUV of e-bikes, the ideal e-bike for off-road touring. It is equipped with a pannier rack, stand and mudguards, but this is a wolf in sheep's clothing - with the same frame as the e504 eMTB, dropper post, Bosch Performance Line CX motor, Tektro four-pot brakes and RockShox fork, the e506 is perfect for off-road adventures like the South Downs Way and King Alfred's Way. 

This eMTB is available (and recommended) for multi-day all-terrain rides.

an image of a Whyte E506 electric mountain bike
an image of a Whyte E505 hardtail electric mountain bike
an image of a mountain biker on the south downs in Hampshire
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