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  • Who are ebikes good for?
    Electric bikes, whether eMTBs or e-touring bikes, are great for everyone for different reasons: eBikes are a game changer for people with varying levels of fitness. Rather like a golf handicap, eBikes create a level playing field so that you can ride together at the same speed For less experienced riders and anyone with limited fitness, off-road cycling becomes easily accessible For serious cyclists, the extra range enables you to ride further and longer.
  • Will I have to pedal? How hard is it?
    Yes! Our eBikes (like the vast majority) are Class 1, pedal assisted. So, the motor only kicks in when you pedal. All our ebikes have different assistance levels so that you can choose how much assistance you want. Of course, the more pedalling you do, the longer your battery will last. ​ The law in the UK says that above 25kmh / 15.5​mph, an eBike would become a powered vehicle (needing tax, insurance etc). That isn't to say you can't go faster than that, but if you want to you, will need to keep accelerating under your own pedal power because at that point, the motor disengages and the eBike becomes like a normal bike.
  • How will I find my way around?
    We love to ride ourselves, know our local areas inside out and spend hours planning routes. Whether riding on road or off-road, we believe any bike ride should involve interesting terrain, great scenery, minimal car traffic and places to stop for a coffee, lunch, cake or a pint. Nothing spoils a ride like getting lost or wasting time map reading so we plan rides online and share them with you (and give you a phone holder) so that you can easily find your way around. ​ We will discuss your ride with you and suggest routes based on your fitness levels, ability and personal preferences. ​ Booking a qualified mountain bike guide/coach is even better because, as well as showing you around, you will get tips on technique and an expert on hand in case of punctures or mechanical problems - and this is very affordable when shared by a group. We highly recommend Marmalade MTB who are British Cycling qualified Leaders & Coaches.
  • How long does the battery last? What if I run out?
    It depends - on quite a number of factors: How much you use your motor and how much effort you are able/willing to put in. Rider weight is a factor - the lighter the rider, the longer the battery will last How hilly your route is - the more hills you use electrical assistance on, the faster your will use your battery The riding surface - in the same way that sticky muddy conditions make pedaling harder, they demand more of your motor, while the lower resistance of riding on hard, dry surfaces or tarmac will give you more range. If you use lots of power and are riding in tough conditions, the battery might only last a couple of hours, but if you use your power more sparingly and choose a less demanding route, you can easily ride for 4-5 hours (excluding breaks). ​ Before you set off, our team will talk you through everything, including how to use your phone or GPS unit to find the most direct route home if you should run low. We can also send you off with a charger so that you can top up your battery when you stop for a drink or lunch - you'll just have to find a friendly pub/cafe and ask them nicely.
  • How does delivery and collection work?
    Either you can come to us at Queen Elizabeth Country Park or at Alice Holt Forest or we can deliver and collect bikes at your chosen location - which might be at your holiday home, a station, a pub or a car park in the South Downs National Park. ​ As a general rule, local delivery is free for 6 "bike days" (e.g. 2 bikes for 3 days or 6 bikes for 1 day) at weekends and during holidays and for 4 bike days at other times. We're always keen to help make your ride happen if we can so please contact us to discuss your plans.
  • Do you offer multi-day rentals and can I take your bikes away?
    Yes, we offer multi-day rentals and can offer delivery and collection of bikes to you. We have experience of supporting classic multi-day rides such as the South Downs Way, King Alfreds Way and even LEJOG, so whether you just want bikes for a few days at your holiday home or are planning an epic ride, please contact us to discuss your idea and for pricing and availability.
  • What do I need to bring?
    You will definitely need: a credit card to lodge a pre-authorisation deposit a current driving licence as a form of ID a helmet - but we can provide if you don't have one a water bottle - but we can provide if you don't have one clothes to ride in suitable shoes - trainers with a fairly flat sole are ideal. pockets or a small backpack to carry snacks and spare layers We would also recommend bringing: a charged mobile phone a waterproof jacket gloves - ideally cycling-specific for comfort and protection. a change of clothes - we can look after a bag if you come by train. snacks - our mobile workshops do stock some and there are plenty of pubs serving food near all our locations but we suggest bringing flapjacks, energy bars, chocolate bars, fruit etc.
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    We take payment by credit card at the time of booking, then we will ask you for a pre-authorisation as a deposit on the bike when you take it.
  • What is your policy for stolen or damaged eBikes?
    Our eMTBs are worth almost £4000 each and we ask you to look after them as if they were your own. We aren't worried about punctures and tyre damage - they happen. Our eBikes are designed to be ridden off road and in wet, muddy conditions so they aren't easy to damage, but if you are unlucky enough to damage the bike or have it stolen, you will have to pay for it . We will charge you at fair rates from your damage deposit.
  • Can children ride eBikes?
    Yes, absolutely, but there are a couple of considerations. it is illegal for a child under 14 years to ride an eBike on the road, but riding off public roads is fine. Models with child sizes are few and far between and availability of these is very limited. For the time being, the smallest eBike in our range will fit anyone who is 5'0" tall. We plan to have more smaller bikes in future.
  • I want to buy an ebike What are my options?
    We offer a try before you buy option on ex fleet sales and for new bike sales too. You will find more information here
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