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Kinesis Rise Pro Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

Kinesis Rise Pro Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

£2,000.00 Regular Price
£1,750.00Sale Price


We are selling our 2021 Kinesis Rise Pros and they are available for demo rides through our try before you buy programme. They are well maintained, will be fully serviced and cleaned  prior to collection .


The pictured bike is one of our fleet, cleaned up and ready for a customer who has ordered it. 


This bike is a L3 frame, equivalent to M (see Kinesis site for exact dimensions). Other sizes available.

We offer a 3 month repair warranty with all ex-fleet bikes. This means that if you discover a mechanical or electrical defect within three months of purchase, you can return it to us to resolve and we will cover the cost of labour and replacement parts required to do so. Our warranty does not entitle you to return the item for a refund, nor does it cover damage resulting from abuse or misuse. 


    Full technical spec and description from Kinesis Bikes

    Technical Spec 


    We will offer a 3 month guarantee (repair only - not replacement bike; bike to be returned to us at buyer's expense).


    Queen Elizabeth Country Park E Bike Hire 

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